Friday, April 25, 2014

Haybales, 4"x4" Acrylic, Available
Thank you for visiting my blog! Just the fact that you found me, reassures me that I am making progess in my marketing. I haven't painted for a few days. I've been getting ready for my very first showing at the Oshkosh Gallery Walk on May 3rd. I hope to "whip out" some landscapes this weekend as I need a few more for the showing. My husband teases me when I tell him that. He can't even "whip out" a stick figure so he is always amazed at how fast I paint. I am not one to spend hours or days on a painting. If I can't "whip it out" in an hour or so, it means I am struggling that day. When everything is clicking, the painting just flows. That's how I like to paint. Here is another piece from the "archives".

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