Friday, May 2, 2014

Wistful Musings

Celebrating my 33rd wedding anniversary today and just musing over what a lucky woman I am to have found a man who knows how to treat a lady. I wish I could connect with all young men who want a happy marriage and tell them how to keep the love going through financial woes and the daily grind. If they wanted advice I'd say:

  •  Kiss her with passion! Don't grope. Just take her face in your hands and make the world go away.
  •  Help her with the housework. You both work. It's your mess, too. Help her with the kids, the kitchen clean-up and the laundry. She'll appreciate it.
  •  Be kind to her. You'll be surprised how that kindness is returned. 
  •  Take out the trash. Yes, us girly girls still want the man of the house to do the "yucky" stuff. 
  • Tell her you love her and mean it. She still needs to hear it.
  •  Share your dreams, thoughts, worries and feelings with her. She's your best friend. Communicate. 
  • Hug her.
  •  Leave her love notes-send her texts during the day. She loves knowing you're thinking of her.
  •  Wipe her tears. Listen to her fears. You can't cure them all, but listen and really hear.
  •  Hold her hand in public. Don't be afraid to let the world know you love this woman. It makes her feel like a queen.
  •  She's your best friend. Nurture this relationship over all others and you can grow old together with cherished memories.

 I am a lucky woman who has been blessed with a man who knows these things from instinct and I cherish everyday we share together. Here's to 33 more!

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  1. you brought a tear to my eye! i'm so proud of you 8-)