Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's Day 18!

Day 18 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. I'm keeping up, but it's been interesting. My dog has been sick. He ate something he shouldn't have (labrador/goat!) and now he's not eating or drinking. We've been nursing him per vet orders hoping he won't need surgery to clean an obstruction. We've resorted to getting fluids in him with a turkey baster! So in between playing nurse, I've had some time to paint. Today's painting is the 2nd half of the set I posted yesterday. Love these chunky canvas'!


  1. I like the style of these paintings; bright, clean and fresh. hope your lab feels better. We have a lab/goat too.

  2. Terri,
    I love the intensity of your colors - very striking.
    I also hope your dog is doing better!

  3. WOW! POP goes the color. These are so fun! I am catching up on viewing artist blogs and I am loving your work Terri. Hope your pup is better soon ;-/

    1. Sheila, thank you so much for your comments. I love when folks visit my blog and let me know they were here. Hopefully I can put a little more detail into my blog as I get "settled in" to it. My dog is doing much, much better, thank you. It's been a tough one, but he's pulling through. Thank goodness!