Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Scratch that Itch!

I've been neglecting my blog. My hubby and I just moved into a new house and I've been occupied with the move, but my new studio is calling to me! I'm finally feeling settled in, but this week is still crazy. I met with fellow artists at my new gallery representative: Shades of Green, last night. Tonight is the Oshkosh Fine Arts Association meeting and tomorrow my "Art for Tarts" gals are coming to see my new studio space. Not that I'm complaining. It's great to be busy, but this picture of my granddaughter has been pulling at me.
This image, for some reason just pulls at my heartstrings as I watch this little peanut, with her Ninja Turtle lunchbox, venture out into the big world on her first day of preschool. These are the type of images that call to me. It's like an itch that needs to be scratched that I cannot shake until I put it to canvas. Next posting will hopefully be this completed piece. Happy Painting! Terri

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